Dear client, please make sure you have completed and submitted a client information sheet.  You can also print the form, complete it, scan and send it to This information is very important.

Our clients hunting with us in Tanzania must also mail us two copies of their passports and 6x passport size photos to:
PO Box 24

Our clients hunting with us in Namibia must send us a copy of their passport to:

Trophy Imports

It is highly recommended that all clients supply their own well marked (addressed) tags for the various trophy parts.

We do recommend the following clearing agents who will also supply you with the necessary info, documentation, shipping details, and trophy tags.

Leopard CITES application permit:

USA: OR or

MEXICO: Trofeos de Caza:

SPAIN:  Borona Trading Company S.L

Travel Tips


Your  South African airport destination, with the exception of the Eastern Cape hunts (Port Elizabeth), will be Oliver Tambo International – Johannesburg.  All South African Airports are easily accessible with flights from various airlines serving such as SAA, BA, KLM, DELTA,  SWISS, and IBERIA.  South American clients might find it easier to travel through Brazil into South Africa.

South Africa requires the completion of the SAPS 520 Form (Application for Multiple Import Or Export Permit/Permanent Import Or Export Permit/temporary Import Or Export Permit/in-transit Permit for Personal Use (Individuals and Companies).  Download instructions and form for completion.

Application Documents

  • Application Form SAPS520
  • Notarised copy of the photograph & signature page of your passport
  • Notarised copy of proof of ownership of the firearm(s) – US Customs Form 4457 or Firearm Licence/Permit from home country.
  • We will provide you with a  letter of invitation from your outfitter confirming his outfitter licence number, the hunt dates, location of the hunt, species you will be hunting, and the firearms he suggests you bring for the hunt (appropriate calibres for the species).

If a third party makes the application on your behalf, in addition to the above:

  • A letter or a form authorising the application for a permit on your behalf.
  • A copy of your flight itinerary.

SAPS520 Form

It is very important to complete this form accurately or it may be rejected.

Only complete the following sections:

  • Page 2 Section D – Type of Permit – Tick 5 for temporary permit
  • Page 2 Section E – Particulars of Applicant – parts 1 to 25.4
  • Page 4 Section G – Import/Export Details – parts 1 to 9.2
  • Page 5 Section 1 – Details of Firearms – all parts. Note for 1.7 Barrel serial number is not necessary unless the barrel has a different serial number from the receiver or the only number is on the barrel and not the receiver.
  • Page 6 Section 1 – Declaration by person who is lawfully in possession of the firearm – parts 3 to 4.4
  • Page 6 Section J – Signature of Applicant – parts 1 to 4

Proof Of Firearm Ownership

  • USA Flag US hunters only. Notarised copy of US Customs Form 4457 OR a letter from your local sheriff in the form of an affidavit confirming ownership OR an invoice from the gun shop where you purchased the firearms.
  • Other nationality hunters. A copy of your firearms licence. In addition to this a notarised copy of the documentary proof of export of the firearms in the form of a letter from your local Police or Customs office confirming there is no objection to taking your firearms out of the country. Letter must be on a Police Department/Customs letterhead.

Please note, a notarised copy of a document must be stamped and signed by a notary, stating that the document is a true copy of the original.

At Johannesburg (Oliver Tambo) International Airport (Terminal 1):

  • On arrival, the firearms will be removed from the aircraft by security staff and brought to the baggage hall where you must identify them. The firearms officer will then carry it to the firearms office. There, the firearms will be kept under lock and key.
  • The hunter will first go through Immigration, then collect his luggage, proceed through customs and then move on into Terminal 1 and the firearm office. There the hunter will be issued with his firearms after a check to ensure that the serial numbers and make correlate with the personal data of the hunter. The final step is the issuing of the SAPS525 or temporary import permit.
  • On departure, the firearms are checked in at the check-in desk and tagged for the flight. You then carry them through to the firearms office which is located before the main security check area. You check the serial numbers and ammunition with the officer and leave them there. You then proceed through security and immigration into the departure hall


Tanzania travel tips:  Flying to Dar es Salaam, the most popular airlines are KLM, British Airways, Emirates, and Turkish. Visas are required for entrance into Tanzania and can be obtained at the airport in Dar es Salaam, or in advance at Instructions for completing the form are on this website under the tab “Consular and Immigration”.   PLEASE NOTE:  When completing the form for the Tanzanian Visa, use the following address for location and contact in Tanzania.  Pori Trackers of Africa, P.O. Box 7201, Arusha, Tanzania.  Contact Person:  Paolo Shanalingigwa (phone +255 756 200780). For the visa application form click here.


Cameroon travel tips:  Visa application – Click here to download the Visa Application form

Firearm Import Permit obtained from the Cameroon High Commission

There is a consular fee of $553 to obtain a temporary firearm import permit for Cameroon.

The permit must then be sent to your outfitter to obtain your hunting licence.

  • Only 2 firearms per hunter are allowed into Cameroon
  • A maximum of 50 rounds of ammunition per firearm is permitted.
  • Handguns, semi automatic or military style firearms are prohibited.

Application Documents

  • Copy of passport photograph/details page.
  • Copy of proof of ownership of firearm. US Customs Form 4457 for US hunters or Firearm Licence/Permit for hunters of other nationalities. Both documents must include the firearms you intend bringing into Cameroon.


Botswana travel tips: There is a fee of  US$350 per hunter to obtain an firearm import permit for Botswana.

  • Only 2 rifles and 1 shotgun per hunter are allowed into Botswana
  • A maximum of 100 rounds of ammunition per firearm is permitted.
  • Handguns, semi automatic or military style firearms are prohibited.

Application Documents

  • Download Application for Registration Certificate
  • Copy of passport photograph/details page.
  • Copy of proof of ownership of firearm. US Customs Form 4457 for US hunters or Firearm Licence/Permit for hunters of other nationalities. Both documents must include the firearms you intend bringing into Botswana.


Namibia travel Tips: Application for a Namibian Temporary Import firearm permit must be made by yourself on arrival in Namibia.

There is no fee required for the issuing of a firearm permit.

  • There is no limit on the number of firearms that can be imported into Namibia, though NAPHA recommend 2 firearms per hunter.
  • Handguns, semi automatic and automatic firearms are prohibited
  • A maximum of 80 rounds of ammunition is allowed per firearm.
  • Only ammunition for the specific calibre firearms is permitted.

On completion of the permit application form at the airport in Namibia, your permit will be issued.

If you would like to complete the form ahead of arrival, download NAMIBIAN POLICE APPLICATION FOR IMPORT/EXPORT PERMIT

Please note,though it is not necessary for the firearm import procedure, it is a good idea to carry your home firearm licence and/or US Customs Form 4457 while hunting in Namibia.

The South African firearm import process will be necessary if you are going to be in-transit with no interline baggage transfer or overnighting in Johannesburg.

We recommend USA clients to contact Patric Wright at / for airline bookings, as they are well familiar with all our safari destinations.  In addition, you will find the necessary forms for firearms transport through Amsterdam (for Tanzania travel) and for South Africa on their website.  If you are travelling with firearms into Tanzania it is suggested that you complete the US Customs CBP Form 4457 as well.

All major European Airlines also fly directly into Johannesburg from their various hubs.


For medical evacuation or political unrest:

Trip Cancellation:

Trophy Replacement:

 Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance – More Info