Humanitarian & Conservation

As native born Africans, Hunters & Conservationists, with respect for our fellow conservationists and our beloved continent we are committed to a purpose – the modernization of our society without loosing the African personality, while implementing the concept of “conservation through utilization”.

We support the development and upliftment of local communities and also the education of such communities in order for all to understand and appreciate the benefits of wildlife conservation and the concept of “Conservation through utilization’.

 The integration of the hunting industry and wildlife conservation with modern science and technology is inevitable in order to support the upliftment of such communities.

Education on conservation awareness is important to prevent the misapplication and waste of the wealth of our rivers and lakes, forests and wildlife.

It is our responsibility to protect our natural heritage, and we believe there is not a more efficient vehicle, other than hunting, to initiate, justify and finance this process.

– The Management