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Game Trackers Africa, is one of the premium hunting operations in both Namibia and other strategical region in Africa, today. In Namibia we are boasting with prime concessions north of the capital (Windhoek) around the Etosha National Park, Zambezi region  (Caprivi) as well as Damaraland/Koaokaveld.  Game Trackers Africa will be your host in this beautiful country, an absolute must for even the seasoned African hunter.


Game Trackers Africa Safaris CC offers some of Namibia’s premium destinations in terms of hunting concessions. Located in central Northern Namibia, east of  Etosha National Park, the safari operation and camp is home to a wide variety of African Game and Birds. With over a decade of guiding experience and more than 70 000 hectares of pristine habitat you will team up with some of the finest guides in Namibia. In the bouquet you’ll find open, savannah like grass plains with Acacia trees and dense Mopani bush.

We like to share with our clients what we love the most: ranging the magical bushveld with its multitude of vibrant and elegant game roaming the open plains and Mopane shrub. Our deluxe traditional tented camps with en suite facilities, certainly will provide you with an African experience in comfort.

A 4 hour drive from Windhoek international airport,  Mopane camp, a gem in Namibia, located in North-Central Namibia, close to Etosha National Park will centralise you to hunt various concessions for various species.  The property is family owned, for three generations, the safari operation & camp is home to a wide variety of habitat for African game and birds.
With over a decade of guiding experience and more than 70,000 ha of prime hunting grounds, you will team up with some of the finest guides in Namibia.  This combination of passion and experience brings to you the REAL AFRICA.

Accommodation consist out of deluxe traditional safari tent camp with all the modern conveniences you desire and a family outfitter that prides himself on service, quality game and memories that will last a lifetime.

Located close to Etosha National Park, you may enjoy one of our day trips, traveling through unspoiled Africa where the big 5 roam.

Our experienced professional hunters and hunting guides are not only committed to your success, but will also share their knowledge of the African wildlife with you.


Game Trackers Africa Safaris CC (in collaboration with its partners) currently operates in various Concessions in the Caprivi, boasting some of Caprivi’s best hunting areas on the Chobe River. Each area is unique in its own way, offering a variety of vegetation types and zones allowing the hunter to pursue game in different areas as they move across this free-range landscape to pursue the hunt. These concessions are situated on the Namibian side north of the famous Chobe River. With a total of 145 000ha this forms the largest continuous chunk of land for elephant hunting in the Eastern Zambezi region.

The area consist of open plains, coupled with Silver-Cluster leave and Mopane woodlands, in a relative undulated terrain, with no rocky outcrops or mountains, and in stark contrast to the rest of the Arid Namibian country in that it is zoned as sub-tropical vegetation, inundated with the swamps and floodplains of the 4 rivers that surround the area; Kwando in the West, Zambezi in the North, Linyanti in the South and Chobe in the East.  The rich diversity of wildlife that inhabits this area is representative of these swamps and floodplains, and interspaced thick Mopane forests.The average on Elephant trophies in all of the Caprivi can vary between 45-55 lbs, while the odd 60+ pounders frequent these areas on a regular basis. Over the years we have also taken a couple of 70+ pounders.  All in all, this is one of the last Elephant havens in Africa, where you can still enjoy authentic elephant hunting.

You can fly commercially to Katima Mulilo (4 flights a week), after arriving with your International Flight at Hosea Kutako International Airport, near Windhoek (the capital of Namibia). Air charters to The Caprivi can also be arranged upon request.

The authentic safari-style tented camps/African style bungalows of our wilderness areas in the Caprivi  and others are especially favored by our guests, complimented by delicious meals and excellent wines.


The !Khoro !Goreb conservancy, named after the Hartman’s Zebra, is located in the Southern part of the Kunene region – bordering the Ugab river, in the north western part of Namibia. This Semi-Arid area is well known for the following species: Elephant, Leopard, Mountain Zebra, Kudu, Duiker, Warthog, Steenbuck, Springbuck and Klipspringer. The vegetation mostly consists of sparse savannah, with wooded river valleys separating the hills and plains.

In collaboration with another of our partners, we are pleased to also offer hunts in Orupembe and Sanitatas conservancies. Orupembe Conservancy lies in the heart of Western Himbaland in northern western Namibia. This arid and very remote area is 356 500ha or 880 000 acres of vast endless plains, dry tree lined ephemeral rivers, rugged mountains.

Sanitatas conservancy lies in the central part of the concession and covers 144 600 or 360 00 acres. Hunters of both these conservancies will be catered in House on the Hill it is a small intimate hunting camp, built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Omungunda dry River. The camp has been developed for small groups. The camp consist out of two separate cottages, each cottage has its own bathroom and kitchenette. The beautiful open verandas of each cottage make it an ideal place for sundowners after a long hard day of hunting.

Game found in these conservancies includes Aardwolf, African Wild Cat, Baboon, Bat eared Fox, Caracal, Cheetah, Oryx, Giraffe, Jackal, Hartmann Zebra, Klipspringer, Leopard, Kudu, Brown Hyena, Ostrich, Springbok and Steenbok. Black Rhino have recently been reintroduced to the area. Lion quite often roam through the area.

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