Namibia Client Information / Hunting & Firearms Import License

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Firearm Details

  • Fill out the rifle information in the same manner as above for each additional rifle
  • Clearing Agent Details

  • Shipping Address

  • List of Priority Animals

  • Additional Info

  • PLEASE INCLUDE: copy of your passport & proof of ownership, completed SAPS 520 temporary import application available on the "Preparations Page", signed and mail with the above mentioned info. On the SAPS 520 you must only complete: Section E (2.1-25.4), Section F (2-13), Section G ( 1-9.2), Section I (1-5), Section J (1-4)

    ON ARRIVAL: Proof of export from country of origin (completed US Customs form 4457- USA only)

    Mail items to
    Game Trackers Africa cc
    P.O. Box 24