Cameroon General Information


Game Trackers Africa has access to two exclusive hunting areas in the Southeastern part of Cameroon.  The hunting areas border the Lobeke Park for 40+ miles.  

Kika, the nearest town and airstrip is only 45 minutes from camp, while the Lokomo Airstrip is also an option.

These concessions are known as one of the best areas for Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Forest Elephant, Giant Forest Hog and Dwarf Buffalo, which are some of the most interesting animals in the area. Other species available will include: Red River Hog, Peter’s Duiker, Gabon’s Duiker, Blue Duiker, Black-Fronted Duiker, Bay Duiker and Bate’s Pigmy Antelope.

Forest hunting is exciting and the local Pygmy people are excellent trackers. Hunting is mainly on foot, but also from machans settled near the edge of large clearings.

THE HUNTING CAMP in the concession area is equipped with special tents or rooms for clients adjacent to the lounge area. All typical amenities are provided for.

TRANSPORT: After arriving in Douala with your scheduled International flight (recommended two days before charter schedule), you will be transferred to the hotel. You will be transferred from the hotel to the airport  for your domestic flight to base camp with a twin engine light aircraft to the airfields of Kika or Lokomo.


TYPE OF TERRITORY: Tropical Rain Forest


The rain forest climate is very humid, it rains often.  It can be very warm midday and up to 85% humidity, the evenings can be fresh.

Packing list:

  • 4 Garden Shears with a  belt holster
  • 3 Caps or Headbands
  • 5 Sets of Long Sleeved Shirts (green)
  • 5 sets of pant (rip stop/cotton material recommended)
  • a pair/two of light gloves
  • 3 pairs of canvas shoes (lace up high top)
  • 2 pairs of gaiters (canvas)
  • 1 pair of flip flops for camp use
  • 2 pairs of shorts for camp
  • 3 t-shirts for camp
  • Personal medical kit, anti malaria tablets, insect repellent
  • Head net
  • Headlamp/flashligtht
  • Ziploc freezer bags for cameras 
  • Camera
  • Binoculars



Savannah hunting in Northern Cameroon is very popular especially for Lord Derby Eland hunts. The most popular time recommended for this species is December to April . The total hunting area comprises about 363,026 acres (146, 912ha). Kourouk is located between tow National Parks, La Benoue and Bouba Ndjida. Mana area is adjacent to the Faro National Park with the Faro River forming the eastern and southern boundary over a length of 44 miles (70km). The river is at certain places 330yd (300m) wide. Riverine forest is found along the Faro River. The main habitat consists of bush and tree savannah interspersed with grassy plains. The area is flat, with undulating / rolling hills, with two isolated mountains with a height of about 900ft (300m). There are 190 miles (300km) of roads. An important tributary of the Faro River, the Konoué, has many waterholes during the dry season.

Especially abundant in the area, are the larger antelopes such as Lord Derby Eland, Western Roan and Sing-Sing Waterbuck. Among the smaller antelopes the western bushbuck, cob, reedbucks and hartebeest are well represented. Lions are present the whole year, the territory having enough resources for a permanent population. Herds of elephants pass and stay frequently in the zone. The river contains a large population of hippos and western buffalos thrive at several parts of the area.

Sport fishing can be done in the Faro. The following species are abundant: catfish, tiger fish and Nile perch, the latter being a real delicacy.


Base camp Kourouk, has a great location on a river side.  We offer comfortable rooms/bungalows in traditional African style.

TRANSPORT: After your International flight to Douala, you will spend the night at the hotel. You will take a domestic flight to Ngaoundere from where you will transfer to Kourouk camp by road. Flights are scheduled for: Monday and Friday. The last leg of your transfer consist of a 4 hour drive on partly paved road from Ngaoundere to camp in a air conditioned vehicle.

HUNTING SEASON: December – April

TYPE OF TERRITORY: Typical Savannah with rolling valleys


Kourouk is located in the savanna; the weather is warm and dry during the day but cool nights from December to Mid March.  The heat increases progressively till the first rain at the end of April.

Packing list:

  • 2 caps
  • 3 sets of T-shirt (green)
  • 3 sets of pants or shorts
  • 1 warm jacket
  • 1 pair of gloves 
  • 2 pair of shoes (lace up high top)
  • 3 T-shirts for the camp
  • 1 pair of glasses
  • Head net
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • Personal medical kit, anti malaria tablets, insect repellent
  • Sunblock
  • Camera
  • Binoculars



* The organising of your safari with 4×4 vehicles, professional hunters, trackers, porters & skinners.

* Full board and accommodation and drinks at the hunting camp.

* Field preparation of trophies.


* Hunting License $1900

* Observer fees $390/person/day

* Any airfare or travel costs to Douala.

* Transport by road with first-rate vehicles – Ngaoundere to Camp: $2800/ 4 hour drive (Savannah)

* Road Transfer – $2500 / Air Charter – $5800 approx (Rainforest)

* Hotel accommodation and meals out of camp

* Airport tax and assistance $500

* Visa expenses

* Dipping and Packing for exportations: $1900 per hunter – excluding shipping cost

* Trophy fees.

* Community development tax (15% on the amount of trophy fees).

* Gratuities *(change into local currency Douala upon arrival)

* Firearm rental: $150/rifle ; $25/bullet

* Trophy fees double on wounded animals and females

*Satellite wifi vouchers – available in camp



– Valid Passport

– Visa issued by the Cameroon High Consulate Click here to download the Visa Application form

– Firearm Import Permit obtained from the Cameroon High Consulate

-Medical Certificate stating that you have good health and you have no problem to hunt

-International Yellow Fever Card that certifies that you had a Yellow Fever vaccination


A Big Game Hunting License in Cameroon allows you to shoot up to two animals in Group A and four in Group B or C. It is not possible to repeat the same species on one licenses