Cameroon General Information


Game Trackers Africa has access to two exclusive hunting areas in the Southeastern part of Cameroon.  The hunting areas border the Lobeke Park for 40+ miles.  

Kika, the nearest town and airstrip is only 45 minutes from camp, while the Lokomo Airstrip is also an option.

These concessions are known as one of the best areas for Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Forest Elephant, Giant Forest Hog and Dwarf Buffalo, which are some of the most interesting animals in the area. Other species available will include: Red River Hog, Peter’s Duiker, Gabon’s Duiker, Blue Duiker, Black-Fronted Duiker, Bay Duiker and Bate’s Pigmy Antelope.

Forest hunting is exciting and the local Pygmy people are excellent trackers. Hunting is mainly on foot, but also from machans settled near the edge of large clearings.

THE HUNTING CAMP in the concession area is equipped with special tents or rooms for clients adjacent to the lounge area. All typical amenities are provided for.

TRANSPORT: After arriving in Douala with your scheduled International flight (recommended two days before charter schedule), you will be transferred to the hotel. You will be transferred from the hotel to the airport  for your domestic flight to base camp with a twin engine light aircraft to the airfields of Kika or Lokomo.


TYPE OF TERRITORY: Tropical Rain Forest


The rain forest climate is very humid, it rains often.  It can be very warm midday and up to 85% humidity, the evenings can be fresh.