Firearm Import Regulations For Cameroon

Application for your firearm import permit for Cameroon must be made in advance so that it is at the airport on your arrival.

Application must be made at the Cameroon Consulate.

There is a consular fee of $553 to obtain a temporary firearm import permit for Cameroon.

The permit must then be sent to us your outfitter to obtain your hunting licence.

  • Only 2 firearms per hunter are allowed into Cameroon
  • A maximum of 50 rounds of ammunition per firearm is permitted.
  • Handguns, semi automatic or military style firearms are prohibited.

Application Documents

  • Copy of passport photograph/details page.
  • Copy of proof of ownership of firearm. US Customs Form 4457 for US hunters or Firearm Licence/Permit for hunters of other nationalities. Both documents must include the firearms you intend bringing into Cameroon.