Tips for Traveling to Tanzania

Tanzania Hunting Season

  • 1st July until 31st December

Tanzania Weather

  • The season may end earlier (mid November) in some areas like the Selous Reserve because the rains may start towards the end of November making the hunting impossible.
  • Tanzania lies so close to the equator that seasonal variations in temperature are not extreme.
  • In the north, temperatures will range between 25ºC to 28ºC during the day.
  • Further south, temperatures may reach 40ºC.

Application Documents

  • Copy of passport photograph/details page.
  • Copy of proof of ownership of firearm. US Customs Form 4457 for US hunters or Firearm Licence/Permit for hunters of other nationalities. Both documents must include the firearms you intend bringing into Tanzania.
  • 6 passport photographs.

Please send the above documents via Email to 

We will also need to know:

  • Exact number of rounds of ammunition to be brought into Tanzania.


Visas are required for entrance into Tanzania and can be obtained at the airport in Dar es Salaam, or in advance at Instructions for completing the form are on this website under the tab “Consular and Immigration”.   PLEASE NOTE:  When completing the form for the Tanzanian Visa, use the following address for location and contact in Tanzania. 

Pori Trackers of Africa, P.O. Box 7201, Arusha, Tanzania.  Contact Person:  Paolo Shanalingigwa (phone +255 756 200780). For the visa application form click here.

Getting to Dar es Salaam

There are Non Stop flights on:

  • KLM from Schipol, Amersterdam
  • Swiss  from Zurich, Switzerland
  • Emirates from Dubai, UAE
  • Qtar Airways from Doha, Qatar
  • Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • South African Airways from Johannesburg

Getting to Kilimanjaro – Arusha

There are Non Stop flights on:

  • KLM from Schipol, Amsterdam
  • 1 stop from Doha, Qatar via Dar es Salaam
  • Precision Air  from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro/Arusha

At Dar es Salaam International Airport:

  • On arrival, you proceed through Immigration to the Baggage Hall where our representative will meet you.
  • After retrieving your baggage and firearms, you proceed to the Customs desk where an officer will check the serial numbers and the Tanzanian firearm permit which our representative will have ready. The officer may also count your rounds of ammunition.
  • If you have more than a total of 100 rounds of ammunition, the officer may decide to charge you ammunition tax, payable there in US$ cash.
  • If you are hunting in Masailand, you may find it more convenient to fly to Kilimanjaro, either directly from Europe (KLM) or on a domestic flight from DAR.
  • Most likely you will have to overnight in a hotel in Dar es Salaam or Arusha, depending on time of arrival. Game Trackers Africa will take care of the hotel booking.
  • On departure, our company representative will meet you before check-in and take you to the firearms office. He will have your firearm export permit which is checked against the serial numbers and your ammunition may be counted by the officer. Once done you take the firearms and check them in with the rest of your baggage as usual.


Vaccinations/boosters are strongly recommended for:

  • Diptheria
  • Hepatitis A
  • Tetanus
  • Rabies
  • Yellow Fever
  • Typhiod
  • Malaria Prophylaxis 


  • 3 each shirts – olive green preferably “darkish” and quiet. Long and short sleeve for “layering. You might opt for Cabela’s Go Away Performance bug proof clothing to repel tsetse flies and mosquitoes. (
  • 3 pairs pants – olive green preferably “darkish” and quiet. Long pants or pants that zip off into shorts.
  • 3 pairs Casual clothing
  • 1 each Hat/Cap – full brim if your complexion is fair – you will be out on the hunting vehicle ALL day in some cases
  • 2 pair Ankle high boots – or higher if you prefer but make sure they are well broken in and bring extra laces.
  • 1 pair of Comfortable shoes – for evenings around the campfire – crocs are good
  • 1 pair of house shoes – to get up in the middle of the night
  • 4 pair of socks
  • 2 pairs of gaiters
  • 1 meduim weight sweater
  • 2 each jackets – 1 meduim and one slightly heavier for July, August.  Also, one that is waterproof or a rain poncho
  • 1 Bug Suit (jacket and pants) for the tseste flies. They can be ordered from Cabela’s and the Bug out – Bug Pack is recommended.
  • 4 each underwear
  • 1 each day pack/small duffle – to hold your personal items on the truck every day. Backpack with Multiple pockets are the best
  • 1 sunscreen
  • 1 insect repellent – Avon’s skin so soft bug repellant
  • 1 each sunglasses/eyeglasses – lense cleaning kit and repair kit with extra screws in the event you loose one. We suggest you bring an extra pair of prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses if applicable.
  • 1 pair lightweight gloves
  • 1 flashlight
  • 1 each belt and ammunition pouch
  • 1 each binoculars
  • 1 each camera
  • ammunition cleaning kit
  • soft cases for rifles
  • 1 lot personal items such as medical prescriptions, antihistamines, Tylenol  or Ibuprofen, anti-diarrheal, lip balm with sunscreen, nasal spray, wash and dry towelletes, blister kit, foot powder, antacids and etc
  • Adapter/Converter