Game Trackers Africa has being operating in East Africa’s Tanzania since 1999. Starting off in the world renowned Selous Game Reserve (comprising of 26000 square km), we rapidly established ourselves to be a highly reputable company which certainly provided the goods, since day one . We slowly reached out to Western and Northern Tanzania, enabling you, the client to hunt all the Tanzanian species.

From 2000 – 2003  we hunted the Moyowosi Game Reserve, one of Africa’s best known hunting areas, where we ended up boasting proudly, after 4 seasons, with a unbeatable 100% success rate on our cat hunts. With this excellent track record, harvesting some of the finest lion Africa has to offer, we now, finally we acquired 600 000, acres in the Kigosi Game Reserve, bordering the Moyowosi River to the east. We’ve been hunting this area this 2004, having gained knowledge of the area like no one else.  Western Tanzania is known to be prime lion area, the best in all of Africa – we have the area, we have the experience, we have hard-working professional hunters, we have the equipment, we have the means to get you a fine manned lion, a huge tom-leopard, let alone the fact that we harvested buffalo as big as 49 1/2 inches in this area.- that speaks for itself ! Species such as Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Sable, Topi, Bohor Reedbuck, Sitatunga, Roan, Bushbuck, Defassa Waterbuck, and Eland, amongst many others are abundant in numbers, not to mention the unsurpassed trophy quality.

The area consists of typical miombo forests in the northeast, sloping down to the west towards the Moyowosi River where it turns into a swamp, which makes it ideal for Sitatunga hunting. The swamp/savannah is of course accessible during the dry hunting season, which also enables us to get hold of those big Dagga Boys that hides in the reeds. Huge elephant are also taken from time to time on the islands inside the swamp. The swamp makes up about 16% of the concession. which is still very substantial for Sitatunga hunting. The rest of the terrain is made up by acacia woodlands combined with rolling, open savannah, favored by most plains game animals grazers!

The Selous Game Reserve still hosts us with yet another two quality hunting blocks; one on the Kilombero River, another south of the Rufiji River, respectively comprising of 240 000 and 290 000 acres. With its rolling slopes, typical miombo vegetation and grasslands in between, abundant in wildlife. This is Africa if you ever dreamt about it – easily accessible by charter; it still offers some of the finest hunting. The Kilombero River, of which we enjoy almost 20 miles of river frontage) hosts an abundant number of wildlife, including Hippo and Crocodile.

Engasurai  lies north of Arusha at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. This scenic area consists of acacia woodland and thorn scrub with wide open plains stretching towards Mt. Kilimanjaro in the east and Longido to the north.  A well hidden jewel that will provide for basically all your Masaai/East African specie needs.  This area produces some outstanding lesser kudu and gerenuk as well as many of the other species found in Masailand such as fringe-eared oryx, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle, white-bearded wildebeest, zebra and ostrich, amongst others.

Central Tanzania host’s us with yet another two spectacular hunting areas: Rungwa Rungwa West in the Rungwa Game Reserve and Muhesi West in the  Muhesi Game Reserve.

Rungwa West, is bordering the Ruaha National Park, known to be the prime lion hunting destination in Africa these days.  If you ever dreamt of a wild, big maned lion, then this is your future destination.  Complimented by an abundant number of Cape Buffalo and other plains game such as Roan and Sable.  This truly has the making for a great safari.

Muhesi West, is another fabulous big cat hunting destination, very similar to Rungwa whilst in close proximity of the Greater Rungwa area.  This area has been well protected and also has to be kept in mind for those of you searching for rare species such as East African Greater Kudu, Eland and others.

Typical east African-style tented camps are what the accommodations mostly consist of. All tents have en-suite facilities with running hot water and all the comfort you need. Excellent cuisine will be awaiting you on your return to camp in the evenings, whilst spoilt by an ice-cold beer, red wine and fine scotch – life just doesn’t get better than this!

Join us, live the African legacy the way you always anticipated it to be….!